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Sherwood Park
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Mission Statement.

To introduce children to new ideas and challenges, allowing them creativity and self expression. We try to address each child’s individual interests through a wide variety of activities and play, appropriate to their developmental needs, in a loving and nurturing environment. To create a sense of “family” or “belonging” for children, parents and our early childhood educators (staff) alike.

Our Program Philosophy

  • To provide a safe, comfortable and nurturing environment in which infants, children have the freedom to challenge themselves and develop friendships with other children.
  • To create a friendly environment that welcomes all participants and builds a sense of community with families.
  • To promote positive values including accepting and celebrating the unique diversity and abilities of individuals.
  • To have the flexibility and time to offer infants / children individual attention.
  • To encourage infants / children to develop life skills and individual interests through daily play.
  • To help infants / children become responsible for themselves and others through sharing of responsibility for the upkeep of the program.
  • To maintain an environment based on cooperative activities and attitudes, which facilitates problem solving between children, parents and early childhood educators (staff).
  • To provide age and ability appropriate activities and field trips. (3 years to 6 years)
  • To have good old fashioned fun!

Program Goals:

We use positive feedback and praise to help children succeed in exploring new activities, experiencing adventure and making new friends. Our creative and caring early childhood educators (staff) encourages the development of social skills, responsibility, and life skills. We develop activities that are age and ability appropriate and encourage all children to be involved. We build a trusting, open and fair atmosphere in our programs where children can express themselves in comfort and with confidence. We make ourselves available to spend one-on-one time with each child where possible. Our early childhood educators (staff) has made a commitment to make Kidz In The Park – Child Care & Out of School Care Centre “home away from home” for your infant/child.

Kidz In The Park – A Team Philosophy

At Kidz In The Park we work hard at being a team to provide a quality program that is fun for kids. To accomplish this we require the efforts of all the members. Members are children, parents and early childhood educators (staff) who have a vested interest in the program. Each member has responsibilities and obligations to themselves and other members. When all members accomplish these responsibilities, and follow through on their obligations the result is the formation of a team.

Children must be held responsible by the early childhood educators (staff) for their daily attitudes, actions, and effort. They also take responsibility for their behavior. If they are having a good day - YES! – Or if things could be better, everyone has a bad day now and again, we want children to feel comfortable to come and tell us. As staff we must do our best to recognize the children’s feelings and help them to make their day even better.

Parents are encouraged to check in and talk with early childhood educators (the staff) on a regular basis. We want our parents to inform their child caregiver what is happening at home and how their child is doing on the good and not so good days. The same applies to the caregiver informing parents of their children’s day.

Staff must do their best to fulfill the mandate of the Mission and Philosophy statements. Our early childhood educators (staff) need to welcome parents into the program with big smiles and friendly words. We work cooperatively with parents at all times and work at maintaining the feeling and values of a team. We must be excellent role models and have great attitudes each day. Therefore we foster an open door policy at all times.

Grouping Children:

Kidz In The Park provides full childcare for all children registered within the ages of Birth to 6 years and school age care for ages 6-12 years. The children are divided into five age groupings and use five separate playrooms.

Playrooms are set up with learning centers appropriate to the developmental needs of its group. Each room is provided with enough early childhood educators (staff) to meet government standards for ratio. Infants 12 – 18 months are 1 to 4 to a maximum of 12; Toddlers are 1 to 6 with a maximum of 12; Preschoolers are 1 to 8 with a maximum of 16; Kindergarten are 1 to 10 with a maximum of 16. School age one staff to every 15 children. Early childhood eduactors (staff) is expected to know the ratios for the group they are with at all times and adhere to them.

Forms and Policies
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